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By Gavin | July 26, 2018

ClearCare Platform Overview Demo

We know that you got into the home care industry to build a great business, and also because you care to make life better for seniors and their families, and yet we hear of the struggles you face in our competitive and demanding industry. Our mission is to help heroes like you to operate your agency as efficiently as possible, and grow Clearcare, the only private duty software platform empowers your agency to save time and grow revenues.

The Clearcare platform is all in what with everything you need to run your business, including scheduling telephony billing and payroll, the family room background checks, electronic payments, workers comp and more.

Here are a few examples of how the Clearcare platform works for you, need to fill a shift message to caregivers directly via email and text. Your shift is filled without ever picking up the phone, messages are saved, which is great for answering unemployment claims, smart telephony reads shift reminders to the caregiver, at the start of each shift task, updates are posted in real time on your dashboard as well as in the family room integrated, electronic payments eliminates billing day, and lets you invoice and collect with a click, invoices are sent and payments are collected online automatically, no more paper time slips or stressing cash flow. Manage background checks with a click care guard then monitors caregiver backgrounds daily providing ongoing peace of mind, and differentiating your agency, you can even make money with Clearcare, federal tax credit checks worth up to 9600 dollars, per eligible caregiver hire or automatic battling rising workers comp premiums big savings are possible, sometimes even with enough savings to pay for Clearcare forever.

Work-safe is a built in safety program that is easy to implement, and helps keep caregiver safety. Top of mind, a workers comp policy through Clearcare rewards, use of the Work-safe program for potential big savings getting started is easy with a dedicated envoy program. We help with migrating data and learning tips and tricks' fast, we even walk you through your first few payroll cycles to make sure everything is just right. You'll be up in no time when questions come up, just get one of our award-winning customer success managers, a call Clearcare, the technology platform for aging at home and your competitive edge give us a call today.