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By Gavin | July 26, 2018

ClearCare Software

What if your caregivers always completed their care journals, what if you no longer had to spend time and money collecting these journals from homes of caregivers, and you no longer had to figure out how to organize and store them in addition to the administrative issues of care journals, what about the quality of care issues that care journals are supposed to help with, do your caregivers always know exactly what they need to be doing and when.

How do you know that tasks are being completed and that the care plan is being followed? How do your client’s families know the adult or children of your clients? What if Cara logs were completed collected and stored with no work on your part? Caregivers had real time accurate care plans at the point of care, that ensure accountability your clients and their families have real-time visibility to completion of tasks, and alerts if they aren't completed what. 

If you had a solution that allows you to virtually be there at the point of care, clear care provides these benefits and more, you simply enter care tasks to clear cares, easy-to-use online calendar system, at the client's home, on a simple touch screen tablet, your caregiver sees the tasks that need to perform that day, your caregiver checks tasks and either marks them as complete or marks them as incomplete, and provides the reason caregivers have to do this for each task, or they can't clock out and log the day's work back. 

At the office, you have real-time transparency to the point of care, and alerts if scheduled tasks aren't getting done, and at your discretion to do the family members of your client, when they log in from your website, extra value that your agency provides because clear care is internet-based, it is up and running in less than 30 minutes, all you have to do is log into clear care and enter tasks for a client. When that's done simply turn on the caregiver’s touchscreen tablet, that's it. With Clearcare you can end your problems with completion collection and storage of paper care logs get alerts for Miss tasks, improve quality of care, reduce your costs transparency for you and the families of your clients all in a matter of minutes. Try it now with one of your clients free for 30 days, be there at the point of care with Clearcare.