How to Login to ClearCare

By Gavin | June 20, 2019

This post will show you your guide on how to use the clear care website, now to be able to go to the website you just go ahead and copy the link and paste it in your browser using your laptop or your desktop. Once you have this on your browser already this site is going to open up.


Now you need to log in and provide your email address and password. If you do not have this information yet please make sure to email our HR manager, so you can give you this information. Once you have that in this, go ahead and click login.

And this is going to show up. It says here calendar for betty jones, in your case this will say calendar for your name, now it says here also you have one unconsumed shift, an unconfirmed shift is highlighted by an orange color.

Different shift with different colors

Now, in this case, to navigate through the calendar, you can either click the month or the week or the day, and you can shift through days or weeks, using the arrow keys you can see here there are highlighted shifts as well, but it's in blue color. It means these shifts are probably over and done with or you have confirmed them already.


Let's go ahead and look for that orange colored shift, in this case, the own internal shift is on April 8th Friday, just go ahead and click that box, and it's just going to show up, now just bubble will have the old information you need for the client. Now let's make this bigger, you can see it much better, it has to sift information.

What the shift information has

Now the shift information will have your clients name, in this case, it says homecare Arcadia, that means it's the last name and the first name, it's a spending confirmation because you have not confirmed your shift.

It will have the client's phone number and email, the link to their assessment, and care plan, the link to their emergency information, the link on how to get to the clients home or facility, where they are located on. It has the date of your shift, the start time and end time, the status of this shift which is of course pending, we have not confirmed it, the tasks you need to do for this client term.


For example, you need to assist into and out of the shower, assist with the transfer, and so on, now the schedule, in this case, repeats weekly, every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, until December 31st of 2017 and the time is still 10 p.m. up to 11 p.m. However, in some cases then this is going to be just a one-time shift.

Emergency information of the client

So whatever information appear would be the same thing here, now if you want to accept this shift just go ahead and click accept, and this bubble is going to open up, it says are you sure you have chosen to have several shifts in this series? Click yes to continue or no to go back, of course, if since you're accepting the shift is click yes and this MUX is going to close.

The next thing you need to know is the emergency information of the client, which is very important now to find out what's the emergency information, just click this part here, and it's just going to show up. This Mobile is going to open up and says infirmary emergency information for Arcadia home care.


In this case, your clients name, this flight to, emergency contacts, but of course you show your client will have a relative or anyone who is s power of turning for them, and the contact information of that person, and their phone number or an email, and most importantly you need to know if the client has allergies.

Whether using your car or transit to the client

In this case, our cutie home care is allergic to bananas and nuts, when you're done with reading this information, just go ahead and click X, and then you can proceed to find out how to get to that client. As you can see here and this button here, just go ahead and click that, and a new browser is going to open up and show you where the location of the client is.


This information here on the top left corner will say your address, and the second line will show your clients address. Now it will also provide you on whether using your car or transit how to get to the client. You can just choose the car or transit or even walking to find out how and how fast you can get to the client.

The assessment and care plan of your client

The next thing you need to know is when you go back to this rubble is the assessment and care plan of your client. When you go ahead and click that new tab is going to open up with the assessment and care plan. Now the care finder match criteria are just information about you, that's why you've been matched with this client. Their requirement is actually someone with dementia experience who has CPR first aid, and so on.

The next thing you need to know is a cure need, however, just once one, but usually, this will have your clients information, next would be the demographics of your client. Its date of birth, this age is height and weight, and the gender, and marital status if they have a spouse's bus's name and who lives with, and so on.

The next thing you need to know is just going ahead down that site, you will see the activities of daily living. Here are the things that you need to do with the client, everything is to sit here and that will be mental and behavior, of course, you need to know how the client will behave once you get there. This will have the information whether they have depression, anxiety, paranoia, and so on.


Their ambulation and remember the client phone number

Next is their ambulation, of course, you need to find out whether they can walk or they use a cane, or if they have poor balance. This is the one that only needs to know about the care plan and assessment.

Now the next thing you need to find out is when you get to the client and need to clock in for your shift, now clocking in and out of your shift using the telephone. We have this link for that post, now please make sure you use the clients home phone and you remember this phone number, most importantly it is one eight five five nine six nine five five six four, please save this number already.

Again we have to stress out that you have to use the clients home phone or the facilities farm to clock in so that we are assuming that you are actually in the client's residence already. Now again please copy the link to find out on how to log in using the phone of the client and if you have any questions please don't hesitate to email the HR manager or our case manager.

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